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Adhesive Tape Avoid Repeated Sticky
Oct 31, 2017

adhesive tape Avoid repeated sticky

Tape mainly fear of tide, if the paste in a humid environment, or with other adhesive as well, paste,

1, the full removal of sticky objects on the stains, dust, oil, moisture and then paste, if not clear, sticky stains, dust, oil, water and other tape can not be used;

Second, to avoid repeated paste (otherwise tape adhesive surface damage), paste, set aside for some time;

Three, directly attached to the human body, convex surface, rough surface;

Fourth, save the tape, to avoid direct sunlight and heat, placed in the shade.

Transparent tape, packaging tape in the "universal" tape

In fact, if you do not have double-sided adhesive, kraft paper tape, color tape, etc., but as long as you have a transparent tape, all the problems will be solved. If you do not know how to use the tape, The Transparent tape composition consists of base material and other auxiliary materials. The auxiliary materials include curing agents, toughening agents, diluents, fillers, coupling agents and the like. Some of the glue does not necessarily contain so many ingredients, which are mainly determined by the properties and use of the glue.

(1) base material: base material is the most basic components of plastic, but also one of the transparent tape.

(2) curing agent: curing agent is the base material hardening of solid material, is the main component of glue.

(3) Toughening agent: Toughen agent can increase the toughness of the adhesive layer, improve the impact resistance of the adhesive layer, anti-stripping, anti-bending ability to reduce the reaction heat and shrinkage when curing, but also one of the transparent tape.

(4) thinner (also known as solvent): diluent can reduce the viscosity of the glue, making it easy to operate, and improve the plasticity of the plasticity and mobility.

(5) filler: glue to add filler, can improve the mechanical properties of plastic, but also one of the components of transparent tape. How to distinguish between non-toxic and toxic plastic film? Now teach you two simple methods

First, sensory test method

Sensory test: polyethylene and polypropylene than PVC transparent film, the surface has a layer of waxy luster, hand touch there is a sense of lubrication, and polyvinyl chloride was milky white, poor transparency, feel sticky , Color dark, poor feeling.

Second, the combustion identification method

Burning identification method: polyethylene, easy to ignite, flame sub-color, the top of the yellow, the bottom of the flame for the blue, waxy, smoke-free, leave the open flame can continue to burn; polypropylene and polyethylene different, just a small amount of black Smoke, oil taste. And the toxic PVC is difficult to ignite, the flame is also divided into two colors, the upper part of the yellow, 'the lower part of the green, the flame was splash-like, white smoke, pungent spicy taste, leaving the fire is off. As the PVC film is toxic, it should not be burned in the kitchen, so as not to cause air pollution.