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Double Sided Adhesive Tape Toughness Against Tension
Oct 31, 2017

Double Sided Adhesive Tape Toughness against tension

Double-sided adhesive tape is our daily life commonly used items, today Xiaobian to a comprehensive introduction about its performance, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of identification, use and consumer objects.

Sealing glue performance and features: has a good viscosity and toughness of tension, can be used for printing decoration and repair, but not like some high-end glue can be moisture-proof insulation.

Seal the identification of good and bad: identify the pros and cons depends on whether the viscosity is strong, the appearance of whether the formation of the appearance of whether there is bubbles, of course, affixed to the items on a small amount of transparent bubbles is normal, it may be in the stretch When the excessive effort caused by the attention can be avoided under the bubble generated.

Sealing glue Uses: The use is very wide, can be used to seal the carton, sealed large objects, packaging gifts, cover the damaged items and so on.

Seal plastic consumption object: because the use of a wide range and the price of cheap, so the consumer object is also more widely used for personal or corporate companies, such as the amount of manufacturers is the largest commercial use. 1, double-sided adhesive tape die-cutting should pay attention to what

Double-sided adhesive tape roller when the pressure loose a little, more than 5T die-cutting easy to deformation, mold open a good point, if it is gum, then die when the attention of viscose. Viscose sticks the edges of the instant noodles. 2, double-sided adhesive with water glue how to distinguish?

Smell the smell of the nose, double-sided adhesive paste pungent taste of the pearls, double-sided adhesive is double, water glue is environmentally friendly, durable and strong.

3, double-sided adhesive paste What is the chemical composition?

The double-sided adhesive tape is coated with a layer of adhesive. Modern use of a wide range of polymers as adhesives, because of their own molecules and molecules to be connected between the molecules to form a bond, this bond can be firmly bonded together molecules.

Adhesive ingredients, depending on the brand, different types, have a variety of different polymers.

4, double-sided stickers how to peel off?

Thick double-sided adhesive stickers, if the two sides are sticky things, with a tool knife off the side, the remaining side of the hand peeling, it is convenient. Thin double-sided stickers on the bad get, then slowly cut with a tool knife

5, how to remove the double-sided adhesive stickers on the board?

You can take a piece of vinegar covered with dry cloth, to cover the entire double-sided adhesive stickers of the place, until the double-sided stickers sticky sticky completely wet, you can use the ruler easily removed. Double-sided adhesive manufacturers of products is our daily life often contact a class of tape, this type of tape is usually made of cotton paper material, but also PET, PVC material made of double-sided adhesive, it and ordinary tape What's the difference?

Double-sided adhesive and ordinary tape one of the biggest difference is that it is coated with glue on both sides, both sides can stick items. And ordinary tape only one side coated with glue, can only stick side. This feature of double-sided adhesive determines its use more widely, double-sided adhesive is widely used in leather, Mingban paper material fixed aspects. Double-sided adhesive is a powerful, strong adhesive, adhesive effect is good, with double-sided adhesive adhesive items for a long time will not fall off.

The most important thing is the double-sided adhesive manufacturers double-sided adhesive, to complete the incognito sticky This is a lot of tape can not complete the work, more information about the relevant information can inquire, look forward to your visit.